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We offer a suite of applications from our developers and third parties that activate fans and followers enabling the amplification of branded content across multiple channels and devices.


Our Application Management Platform (AMP) tracks the real-time performance of earned media from social activations by specific channels and a multitude of other important dimensions.


AMP uncovers the 'brand advocates' that have demonstrated social influence over their own friends and followers, enabling marketers to link social activity to driving measurable outcomes (ROI).



Aggregates your social community into mosaic art, proven especially successful for sharing.


Showcases individuals participating in your social promotion.

Caption Capture

Engages audiences through their headlines to your branded visuals.

Social Comix

Creates a literal conversation within your branded content.



Hyperactivate solves the 'accountability' problem all marketers are facing when attempting to quantify the ROI on their social media investment.

Hyperactivate's real-time Activation Management Platform (AMP), enable marketers and agencies to harness earned and owned media channels, analyze social media efforts, and accurately measure social media ROI.

AMP identifies and quantifies the value of true ‘brand ambassadors’ and enables marketers to reward individuals who tell their brand story with greater authenticity and impact to their own social networks to drive conversions — purchase intent, sales, registrations, donations, downloads or other consumer actions.

Social Media

You have fans and followers, so now what? Our applications activate your following in fun and engaging ways, all powered by social media.


All of our applications are completely mobile friendly regardless of device.

Video Walls

Video walls and digital billboards are a great way to engage people at events! They are eye catching, fun, and draw people to your brand.

Out of Home Advertising

With our relationship with Clear Channel Outdoor, we can take your Out of Home advertising to the next level.

Facebook Fan Pages Integration

We have integrated dozens of successful campaigns into and happily take that task off your to-do list.

Website Integration

We can integrate any of our applications into your online and mobile websites or custom landing pages.

Embeddable Widgets

Our applications work similar to a YouTube video... you can embed them anywhere and in multiple places at once from landing pages, fan pages, or blogs.

Participation Marketing

Fans & followers spread marketing by participating in something fun.

Hyperactivators (Influencers based on performance)

Identify influencers not by their number of followers, but by the number of people activate around your specific brand.

Impact Reports

See realtime reports of the campaign impact in social media. Identify where your social media efforts should be focussed, and see the real time effects of your social efforts.

Gilad Zirkel
Co-Founder / Technology

Suave as a spider, Gilad is often mistaken for the original 007, especially when he’s lounging around in his finely tailored suit, writing code—which we believe, by the way, is how the applications he writes end up running so incredibly smoothly.

As a man whose original software (NetProtect) was sold to Deutche Telekom while still in college, he spent time afterwards building military grade robots for Elbit Systems. Gilad brings an edge to his work at Hyperactivate, and an uncanny ability to deliver even what seems impossible in a simple, efficient and elegant manner.

Marc Fischman
Co-Founder / Sales

It’s considered good luck if you rub his head. With an international MBA from Bar Ilan University and a bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Texas, Marc has become quite the force to be reckoned with—in Stratego, Minesweeper and Internet technologies. He enjoys strong coffee and the company of his adorable dog. (see Bissli)

Jerry Shereshewsky
Sales / Marketing

Jerry, a soda pop inventor and connoisseur, joined Seth Godin at Yoyodyne, and made them so attractive to Yahoo! that they acquired them. With his experience in advertising, direct marketing, public relations, and sales, Jerry ran marketing for Yahoo’s Media Sales Group, both in the US and internationally. Jerry became CEO at, and then co-founded GrownUpMarketing to help businesses make a greater impact selling into the advertising and marketing communities. He currently sits on the Advisory Board for the Brandcenter at Virginia Commonwealth University and the Board of Advertising Week.

Shelly Lipton

A martial arts expert at wielding numchucks, Shelly founded and exited from two successful start-ups (one of which was sold to Publicis). With a continued entrepreneurial thirst for business building, Shelly joined, where as CMO, grew the online audience tenfold. As a co-founder of GrownUpMarketing, Shelly has crafted numerous B2B marketing strategies for a host of successful digital, mobile, and social media companies. Shelly currently sits on the Advisory Board of HealthCare Chaplaincy as well as the Board of Second Chance Toys, a non-profit organization founded by his daughter.

Yuval Raz
UI / UX Development

Yuval found his calling in Front-End development and product management and has been operating at the bleeding edge of web technologies whilst leading the Israeli FED community by example for the past 7 years.

Today he is leading the User Experience and interface of our amazing line of products while gaining combat experience with all browsers, bugs and challenges any HTML document can possibly raise.

Cameron Hogan
Program Management

Cameron is our account lead and handles much of the day-to-day operations behind our activations. He brings a keen sense of social media to client engagements and delivers strong creative solutions that leverage AMP.

Upon graduating from Quinnipiac University with a BS in Marketing, Cameron worked for a sports marketing and production company before jetting off to Italy where he worked for a student travel company as a tour guide and integral member of the marketing and PR team. Returning to New York City, he landed in the account management department at Y&R New York where he played a key role managing digital programs for blue chip clients.

Meir Goldberg
Business Operations

While Meir's height in sunny Texas always guaranteed him front-row privileges to a year-round tan, he quickly discovered upon moving to New York City that being tall put him in the splash zone of every other New Yorker's umbrella. With a both a business degree and a JD, Meir is a true asset to Hyperactivate.

Bissli Fischman
Just Plain Hyper

The most instagrammed member of the team, and definitely the cutest (if you discount our interns), Bissli is the unofficial Queen of Hyperactivate & our mascot.

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